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Dr. Samuel Edgeston brings over a decade of experience in the field of business leadership and organizational development. He has served as the Graduate Chair of Business and Management, as well as the Graduate Chair of the College of Health Sciences over Tennessee and Arizona universities. Dr. Edgeston has worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Board Certified Business Coach, and a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 mediator. In addition to his role as a Business professor, Dr. Edgeston continues to consult in the Arizona area as an Executive, Corporate, Leadership, Business Coach and Consultant. Dr. Edgeston has also supervised and trained professionals and graduate students in civil mediation and organizational practice management, ethical governance, leadership development and entrepreneurial thinking. Dr. Edgeston worked as s chief academic professor for the only Graduate Degree program to focus on Forensic Psychology in the state of Tennessee. Also, at the graduate level, Dr. Edgeston has been a lead qualitative and action-focused research professor for doctoral studies at several universities primarily focusing on business, management, leadership, health Services and technology innovation. Philanthropically, Dr. Edgeston is the Chief Business Consultant for Overcomers, a not-for-profit organization providing scholarship opportunity to young people seeking faith-based school education. Currently, Dr. Edgeston is working toward advancing the portfolio competence and scholarship of graduate business and leadership students in the business consulting and executive governance arena.


Governed Research to date:

Title: Factors Influencing the Success of Offensive Security in Combating Cyber War

Title: Focused group on the lived experiences of Chief Information Security Officer in Western Banking systems.

Title: Perception of Policy, Security, Autonomous Vehicles, and Liability Problems: Perception of laws, threats, countermeasures, for Auto.

Title: Leadership perceptions of postsecondary technical education administrators

Title: Management in the multicultural environment: differences between afro-centric and western management

Title: The effects of internal marketing on service quality: A case study of an auto title loan companyTop of Form

Title: eBay: selling formats, sellers' reputation, and auctions' outcome

Title: Business program chairs' perceptions of followership related to the retention of business students

Title: Tire manufacturing workers' perception of communication regarding effective feedback matrix and quality performance in Tennessee

Title: Difference in self-leadership score between leaders reporting perception of high energy and leaders reporting

Title: Predictors of student performance in dental school: a quantitative study of a medical college's school of dentistry

Title: Quantitative study to examine the relationship of a bank teller's leadership attributes and customer satisfaction

Title: Descriptive study - business culture and business performance relationships for a national technical education corporation

Title: Causal Comparative Research Study on Social Media Use by Small Fiber Arts Companies